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Since he got in touch with drums pretty early through his multicultural origin, Oama decided to advance in the field in which he actually buried his heart in.

Music always had an important role within the family. The outcome of tradition meeting passion, is an exciting intercultural fusion, both perceptible in his rhythmic variation and style. Oama is a drummer and singer.


Oama's love and passion for arts and expression led him into the field of acting.

After taking private lessons, he quickly developed a versatile set of skills performing at the opera . He rapidly adapted to different settings, gathering both practical and theoretical knowledge as a dancer and actor in theatre- as well as filmproductions.


Not only acting and music are expressive playground of his work.


More to be followed...



Samira Dadashi, Elias Meiri, Timna Brauer, Dawa, Afro Roots

TV; Radio :
ORF 1;  OKTO TV, FM4, Ö1, Ö3