Oama himself

was born in Vienna, Austria with an enriching background:

The half British and half Austrian mother born in India married a Nigerian, who lived in Ghana before encountering his fate in Europe.


It is comprehensible that the intercultural fusion had a substantial positive impact on his development. The resulting repercussions are perceivable in Oama's artistic manifestation.


His first steps into arts started at early age with him playing the piano, soon followed by guitar and drums, all of which he picked up with great excitement and interest. Music always had an important role within the family.


Nevertheless, Oama didn't stop there and his passion for art and expression led him into the field of acting and dancing. Starting off at the opera, he quickly adapted to different settings, gathering both practical and theoretical knowledge.


He then started taking private lessons, developing both his skills as well as his interest, enabling him to work as an actor and a dancer in various productions. Besides acting, Oama took steps into moderation and successfully hosted life-style events, events for children and fashion shows.

Artistic Milestones

⦿ Role at Theater an der Wien 04.07.2012

⦿ Concert at Radio Kultur Haus Wien 16.02.2015

⦿ Role at Theater in der Josefstadt 14.04.2016

⦿ Concert at Konzerthaus Wien 13.12.2017

⦿ Concert at Donauinselfest 22.06.2013

⦿ Concert at Novarock Festival 16.06.2017

⦿ Concert at Frequency Festival 21.08.2015

⦿ Concert at Grüner Saloon, Berlin 05.12.2016